Teachers Love to Teach



… if we do not burden them with unreasonable expectations, bureaucratic barriers, and disrespectful working conditions.  To attract more great teachers, to keep more great teachers, to enable more good teachers to become great, we need to employ strategies to improve their teaching experience and practice.
  1. Leverage technology to provide respectful, fair, useful teacher evaluations to drive instructional excellence.
  2. Enable/require teachers to share exemplar lessons and to collaborate with master teachers. (Lesson Study)
  3. Revamp colleges of education, including early in-class experience and advanced instructional techniques.
  4. Link districts and colleges of education for mutual support, reflection, and effectiveness.
  5. Educate teachers in student and teacher assessment principles and scoring
  6. Provide time for teachers to collaborate across subjects.
  7. Leverage high quality media and technology for learning.
  8. Develop locally relevant, cross-curricular, project-based, inquiry-based, media-enriched instruction.
  9. Respect teacher unions’ important role in protecting and supporting teachers.
  10. Rethink teacher tenure and layoff policies to support teacher continuity and quality instruction.