Education Week’s blog this week focuses on the movement of states towards offering statewide learning management systems. Idaho, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Utah have chosen or are in the midst of implementing statewide design of learning management using software from Canvas, Egenuity, Desire2Learn and others. Click here for G2 software review’s good comparison of major LMS providers. The summary grid is below.

The blog does not mention Hawai‘i, the only district that is a state. While some statewide systems have been in place in Hawai‘i, there is a current effort to choose an LMS, and we would assume, to design an integration with SIS and clear guidance on complex area and school level use of the LMS as a parent portal as well. In Parents for Public Schools of Hawai‘i recent parent survey, there was a remarkable variety of ways the parents get information on the schools and on their student’s learning.

Satisfaction is highest with Google Classroom (though it is more limited in function) and Canvas from Instructure.