Major Tech Companies Partner To Build Educational ‘Platform For Good’

Here’s something you don’t see every day. Facebook, Microsoft, Google, and other major tech companies have joined together. No, not to build a new phone or gadget. Instead, it’s far more important.

They’ve partnered with non-profit organizationFamily Online Safety Institute (FOSI) to build A Platform For Good. It’s a safe digital place for teens, parents, and teachers to learn about and share information about online safety. I was discussing this with Katie yesterday and we were overwhelmed by the scary things that students and teachers alike could encounter online. It’s great to see the big tech firms understanding this too. Hopefully they know a bit more than we do, though.

Key Features

It’s a host of resources that have been combined into one solid platform. From videos to blogs to tips for parents and kids, there’s more than enough information about online safety to keep you busy.

One of my favorite tools is the Teach Teachers Tech video series. It’s a series of videos (not a ton yet, but more coming soon!) that do what the name suggests. There are videos on turning your classroom into a digital textbook, digital field trips, and more. Here’s one of my favorites:


For Teens

– There are polls asking for a teenager’s insight into what technology means to them, online safety, etc.

– Blog posts from teachers and security professionals helping increase awareness about online behavior

– Web tools and apps that are helpful in staying safe online

For Parents

– Upcoming videos on teaching parents technology (currently a poll is there to fill out)

– Recommended tools and apps for parents to use with their children

– Volunteer opportunities

– Safety and security tips for both parents and teens

For Teachers

– Teach Teachers Tech videos (see above)

– Recommended tools and apps for teachers to use with their students

– Regular blog posts from teachers and security experts