Notice, we call this “Learning and Teaching”, not “Teaching and Learning”, as we are used to hearing that phrase. 

It is time to turn the experience of learning around. Now the learner can determine the instruction. We can now put the learner first, and deliver the experiences, information, modeling, and incentives that actually relate to each student. 

Now each student can be at the center, the instigator of the teaching moment. Media and technology make powerful lessons available just-in-time for each student. Schools who invest re-design of their learning systems, and supporting teacher development, can raise the role of teacher to the level it deserves. Each teacher can provide the dynamic, powerful energy of personal attention to the thinking, knowledge, and aspirations of each student.

There is a lot to explore in this dynamically changing sphere of life. Much needs to change because schooling has stayed the same for so long. And because our world of communications, media, open education resources, online learning, and daily living is so different from even a decade ago.

Gathered here find learning news about all these changes, learning justice examining critical issues of equity, learning science exploring new approaches to teaching and learning and to brain science, and the changing learning market– in the U.S. and internationally.