There is nothing ideal about implementing an emergency transition to distance learning. Over the last several weeks, we’ve had the privilege to help school partners apply unique aspects of Teach to One’s school-based design to ensure learning continues in a personalized virtual learning environment. 

This work with new and existing school partnerships is also helping our team better understand students’ multifaceted distant learning challenges. Our close collaboration with partners is providing important data-driven learning insights about what works best for students during this time. 

An example is Beginning with Children Charter School 2, an elementary and middle school in Brooklyn. Working with math teacher Nicki Lowell and school/district leaders Esosa Ogbahon, Martine Louisma and Edwin Santiago, we’ve worked closely to support students, track daily learning progress, and make refinements along the way. Our teams have been experimenting with how much structure and synchronous learning to offer students. We’ve learned that some students need more flexibility around taking assessments, and we’ve been able to adjust testing windows to keep them open all day. Other students, we’ve learned, seem to do better with additional scaffolding and more structured lesson times. These kinds of close working partnerships – and the timely insights and feedback they yield – are what helps us provide a better learning experience for all TTO partners.

We’re updating this page with stories on how New Classrooms and our partner school are navigating the COVID-19 crisis.