Visualizing Knowledge

My Favorite Ted Talk Ever (so far)

click here for What We Learned from 5 million Books by Harvard researchers Jean-Baptiste Michel and Erez Lieberman Aiden

Culturomics is a form of computational lexicology that studies human behavior and cultural trends through the quantitative analysis of digitized texts– presented here by 

The guys are charming and funny and the results of their research, in charts, are revelatory– in the possibiliities they illumine. Play with the tool at V awesome.

Thoughts on 3 D Printers, Video Gaming, Productivity

With the advent of science and technology, as 3D printers and other innovations boost production efficiency, will most global citizens adjust to a schedule of reduced work hours?

A world of more leisure was predicted in the 60’s and 70’s but it has largely not been realized until now.

Are we moving towards a yet greater “underworked” and “overworked” imbalance—with highly effective leaders working extensive hours and others being cut back in hours or jobs?

Has the younger generation begun the migration to a lower number of hours in the workweek already– given that fewer fulltime jobs are available and more young people are living with freelance employment?

Will reduced hours further fuel the spike in hours spent gaming and internet browsing/learning/researching/distracting?

What do you think this will look like? Utopia? Dystopia?