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Student Loan Debt Stress is Disrupting the School-to-Work Trajectory – from Business Wire

NEWTON, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In an era of both ongoing job uncertainty and rapid-fire advancements, working Americans are thinking more about their education, job security, and future career goals. Collectively, this is fueling how and when they enter the workforce, as well as what they want from employers to achieve what is ultimately mutually beneficial upskilling.

“For employers, the Education Index findings are both a warning sign and a roadmap”Post this

According to the third annual Education Index, commissioned by EdAssist by Bright Horizons (NYSE:BFAM) and conducted by The Harris Poll, upskilling is firmly top of mind with 77% of workers interested in developing new skills or pursuing additional education. Yet the desire to avoid large amounts of debt has many prioritizing return-on-investment over prestigious degrees, choosing to work for employers willing to cover a portion of the cost. In fact, nearly half (48%) say that they would prefer to forego the typical education-to-career path, opting instead to enter the job market in a less advanced job and then receive an employer-sponsored education later. Additionally, 65% say the days of needing a traditional college degree to get a good job are over, with 77% believing other forms of education like certifications and online courses offer more “bang for your buck” than a traditional college degree.