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Learning, teaching, and convening as effective and humane learning communities is “rocket science”.

Let us give this transition to using virtual strategies and tools keen and lasting attention and dedication. It has taken a pandemic to separate us physically. This forced separation spurs us to use technology to get together, to educate, to communicate, and to collaborate. Strategies and tools we could have learned and used before are now required, not optional. And new strategies and tools will be developed continuously for our consideration and use.

These strategies and tools can be used expertly, with the goals of supporting each individual’s growth and identity while bringing our communities together in healthy ways paramount. Or we can feel the emergency requires quick action, forgetting to consult experts, neglecting to research and test new and fresh ways of doing things.

Each of us has unique dreams, capabilities, preferences, and skills.  In a changing world, it is essential that we listen and watch closely as we provide education for coming generations. How we learned yesterday, what we learned yesterday, may have little relevance to what we need to learn and how we need to learn today and tomorrow.