LearningBond Works To:

  • Support organizations to build and implement education innovations including media and technology integration, project-based learning, authentic, adaptive, and portfolio assessments, and teacher professional development, 
  • Deploy a comprehensive knowledge of the education industry and the public education system enabling analysis of market opportunities, the guidance of startups, partnership, merger and acquisition activities, 
  • Collaborate with a network of talented, experienced education, technology, business, and assessment experts, 
  • Promote a transformation of learning, accelerating learning innovation, reaching more students with more effective and delightful learning.


  • Founding of Teacher Universe to support teachers with online teacher professional development, assessment, media and hands-on curriculum. 
  • Development and deployment of online computer adaptive teacher assessment for the state of Georgia. 
  • Kaplan test preparation redesign to prepare students for computer adaptive tests. 
  • Development and deployment of online GALAXY Classroom elementary hands-on science program, with simulations, online communications with characters, and a focus on collaborative learning. 
  • Consultation to the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards on the use of the video and portfolio assessment model for teacher evaluation. 
  • Support of the network of Expeditionary Learning Schools to develop online support for teachers and schools in intensive teacher professional development, project-based learning curriculum, publishing of student work, and advanced usage of assessment. 
  • Integration of NBC Learn media into core curriculum for districts in Texas and California and the state of Delaware. 
  • Work with operating non-profits, foundations, districts, and for-profits to develop collaborative proposals for education reform grants. 
  • Development of programs, websites, social media, online systems for Awesome Stories, the First Unitarian Church of Honolulu and Parents for Public Schools-Hawaii. 
  • Lifetime dedication to cross-curricular, project-based, collaborative learning emphasizing technology, assessment, media, science, and the arts.

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